Gypsy Jottings #2

“Logic will get you from A to B … but imagination will take you everywhere.” (Albert Einstein)

IMAGINE WAKING UP ON A HIGH GRASSY HEADLAND overlooking New Zealand’s wild West Coast. From your bed, through the open window, you can hear the trilling of skylarks and see Muriwai far below you, with its close-up colony of gannets-plus-chicks. And stretching off into the early-morning haze is mile after mile of frothy Tasman surf, breaking onto mile after mile of sundried sand …

IMAGINE PARKING UP IN A TINY COROMANDEL BAY down the far end of a steep dirt track. The bay is ringed by lumpy green hills and fringed by crimson pohutukawas. The millpond high-tide stops just a metre or so from where you’ve just spent the night. Chooks scratch in the wet sand for grubs. And cows line the fence, staring impatiently as you wait for your morning cappuccino to cool …

IMAGINE SETTING UP IN A LEAFY GLADE, surrounded by autumn yellows and back-dropped by bushy cliffs. A fresh-water creek runs past, just a hop-step-and-a-jump from your open side-door. A bouncy swing-bridge lures you across into shadowy tracks on the other side. Tuis chortle and chase each other in the trees overhead. And plump wood-pigeons watch you watching them watching you …


Well, for better or worse, we Cooneys aren’t imagining it – we’re DOING IT! And we have been, now, for more than six months.

  • We WOKE up in a paddock on that grassy headland, after being given a red-carpet welcome the previous afternoon by the friendly farmer who owns the place.
  • We PARKED up in that privately-owned Coromandel Bay after a quick phonecall the day before and a cheerful invitation: “Sure, come on down!”
  • And we SET up in that leafy glade after friends told us about this gorgeous scenic reserve that’s “like a million miles from nowhere,” just off the main road out of Te Kuiti.

The cost? Nothing – or next to nothing! And the views? To die for!

This (we’re discovering), is the everyday life of Kiwi motorhomers and caravanners who’ve chosen to be nomads, gypsies, of no fixed abode. They’re cutting their ties and “letting their imagination take them everywhere” … exploring Godzone’s nooks and crannies with a passion.

And you’ve gotta ask: “WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?”

How did we Cooneys come to join them? Well, that’s quite a longish story. But if you’ll stay on this blog and come back with us into the recent past, we’ll tell you …

Yours (from find-us-if-you-can) – JOHN & ROBYN

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5 thoughts on “IMAGINE …

  1. Oh sounds like heaven. Have left our paradise to see my grandies 12000 miles away in uk. And in 2yrs they have grown into delightful teenagers! Enjoy travel but u cant beat your life style cheers pam clark


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