About John & Robyn

John & RobynBy way of introduction … (and apology)

John Cooney is an unrepentant baby-boomer – and Robyn Cooney is his partner-in-crime. They grew up on the foggy streets of Hamilton, and if they achieved anything at school, neither of them can recall what it was.

They met in Woolworths one afternoon: he, a little guy with short-back-and-sides … she, an angel in stiletto heels. And, three short years later, he knelt in the grass beside the Hamilton Lake and begged for her hand in marriage.

She, thankfully, said yes. And the rest (as they say) is history. They are currently the weary parents of three adult kids … and the out-of-pocket spoilers of 12 adoring grandkids, plus (no kidding!) one cute little great-grandson.

In 1981 the Cooneys and their colleagues launched Grapevine Magazine – to “give families a lift” … and improve (at least in some small way) the quality of home-life in New Zealand. And the rest (as they already said) is history.

John and Robyn have, in their own words, enjoyed a (mostly) charmed life. And as a hobby (in their spare time, after lunch), they’ve led Kiwi tour groups on ‘Midlife Madness’ adventures to all sorts of exotic destinations.

But wait … there’s more!

Recently, faced with the choice of (a) becoming old and boring or (b) doing something outrageous, the Cooneys have signed-on as GYPSIES – selling their family house, buying a motorhome, and announcing, “Gone: no address!” Their living-and-working space has been downsized … but their front-yard is now New Zealand-wide, with more million-dollar views than they can count.


Not sure when they’ll be back …

1 thought on “About John & Robyn

  1. Dear R and J. Wow what a life you are having. As we know NZ is an idyllic place and aren’t we so luck to have it all at our door step—- you especially. can. Being great Kiwis you will always get anywhere!!
    You certainly have taken a leap of faith and we love the snippets you send out.
    In Sept I am joining Erskine Sanderland (How operates ‘ Wildquest Tours”— you may know the name) on his venture to the NW National Parks of USA . A group of 16 Kiwis. Most days will invovle walking.As you know I am not one who can remain idle for long—- like paddling in the Athabaskin ? Glacier out of Banff that time Sep 2013.
    Go well —- in health and happiness
    Phillips of Waikanae


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